Secret of Control

"I know, thats what drove him to try to.. " She sighed. "The elder told Blaze to get rid of me or else he would get rid of me himself, so he did..." She shook her head. "I..Killed..Blaze."

She looked at Basilic, turning to look him straight in the eyes. "Take off your glasses." Her voice was firm, she looked at him. She took them off slowly, allowing his eyes to get used to the light. She folded up his glasses and held them next to Blaze's. She placed one hand on his cheek making him look at her. "Keep your eyes open and trust me." As she said the words the thoughts came flooding back. She remembered doing this with Blaze. She stared at his eyes, the flame roared beating back the stone gaze.

She felt Blaze's hands on her shoulder willing her on, she heard his voice. "Don't break the gaze. Go on Phoebe, you can do it again." His voice was ghostly, it made her shudder but she couldn't stop the tear anymore. She stared straight at Basilic, the tear fell down the space between Basilic and Phoebe's chair, it was pure and crystalline with a flaming centre that created a flash of light that flowed through the whole bus. 

"I, was the secret to his control. Just one tear Basilic," She smiled, breaking the gaze. "I don't think he would have wanted me to hold back on my gift to your race." She laughed. "He always used to say I could be selfish at times." She looked down at the space between them. She passed his glasses back to him, not once looking up. "You did good, my love."

The End

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