"I only met him a few times, at the Gathering. I assume you know what the Gathering is. Everybody wanted to know him. But... He was very reclusive when he was with large crowds, from what I saw. He was the only basilisk ever to learn to control his eyes. He didn't just kill with them. That made him a legend. It is our fatal flaw. We can never truly see those we love. We must always wear these things," and as he said this, he fiddled with his own glasses.

"Anyway, he was reclusive. He was embarrassed, I think. By all means, he was glad to have accomplished it. I mean, it meant he could see you. Not that he ever told us much about you. He thought the others wouldn't like you seeing his eyes. He said he loved you. And that you were hot. I guess I know what he meant by that now. He never was straight about things close to his heart. Anyway, I've gone way off track. He was glad to have done it, but he didn't like the attention he got for it..." and he trailed off as he saw a look on Phoebe's eyes. He could sense she was alert to him, but her eyes told him she was far away in memories. He didn't want to stop her thinking of him.

The End

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