Blazing Love

Phoenix sighed and sat back in her chair, that angel was so frustrating. But she couldn't help thinking about Blaze, the other Basilisk was sat infront of her. She sat on the chair next to the window and placed her feet on the opposite chair then closed her eyes. But did not sleep.

She thought, thought about Blaze, but not the time after he had been corrupted, what? No. He had never been corrupted. She thought of his look, He had blond hair that was only slightly curly, and those green eyes that were always covered with dark green shades. She pulled them out of her breast pocket. She looked at them, studying them.

Those eyes, she imagined him smiling at her, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her. "No." She muttered. "No, Hes dead." She looked down at the floor then at the glasses in her hand. The tear began to fight again but she pushed it back. The green glasses glinting in the sunlight. They were the only reminder she had of him, apart from the tattoo on her neck. 

The End

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