Control Yourself!

Basilic had idly watched the confrontation between the angel and phoenix, wondering whether he should bring up the subject of Blaze. He wanted to know about that basilisk, the one that the young knew of since they were born. He couldn't read minds, but he could read people. And he knew she was angry. In fact, he knew she was so angry that the angel was still lucky to be undead, rather than just dead. Again. But... He had a niggling feeling in the back of his head. He was about to look further into his mind to see what it was, but then he heard a thwack and looked back at Alex. He withdrew his hand from the gap between the seats and looked confused at Gabby. Basilic rolled his eyes. So that was it. The stupid vampire was trying to drink from another angel. Was not one drop of the blood of one so pure not enough? Well, obviously not. Idiot, he thought. He stood and leaned over Gabby.

"Alex, please control yourself. I don't really want to have to kick you off the bus again. Not to mention the harm it might cause your self esteem. Remember, everyone on this bus is out of bounds. For now." He said the last two words so quiet only Alex could hear and winked at him. Alex looked at him, confusion swimming in his eyes. Basilic smiled at him, and withdrew to his seat in front of the phoenix again. Alex looked hungry all of a sudden, but Basilic knew that was just what he wanted, not needed. After all, his eyes weren't red yet. Well, not really. Maybe the tiniest bit around the outside...

The End

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