Angel blood


‘GET OUT’ Phoebe screams at me, attracting weird stares. ‘You are out of bounds, angel,’ she says ominously. I flinch, wondering where the burst of confidence to even think about doing this came from. ‘Stay out of my head or next time, you won't be so lucky to see my mercy.’ She threatens. I stop hurting her and slump back in my chair. I feel a little drained, but not as bad as Phoebe must be feeling. I feel bed, now. I shouldn’t have done that, regardless of how spiteful I felt about her tricking me with that drink. She picks it up and stuffs it in her bag. I get the feeling I might have screwed that one up. I sigh. I'm used to being alone. Maybe it’s better if I just keep to myself from now on...


The phoenix shrieked and threatened the wimpy angel in front of me. Gabby has moved back to sit next to me, losing her fear of me quickly. This bus smells overwhelmingly delicious now there are two angels. I got the taster of angel blood, and I want more. My actual hunger is sated, but I feel an unnerving craving for the angel’s blood. He’s so close. All I would have to do is lean forward. No! The voice in my head screams at me. It’s hard to listen to that one. I can feel it fading from me, the desire to stay good, to have the conscience, to stay hidden. The crazed beast inside me is becoming so very hard to ignore...

‘Alex!’ Gabby yells at me, thumping me over the head to get my attention. I shake my head and look back at her.

‘Sorry?’ I say, confused.

‘You looked like you were about to bite the angel just then,’ she whispers in my ear so that the angel doesn’t hear. I look at her incredulously. I hadn’t even realised I was leaning towards the gap in the headrests.

‘I was not!’ I say indignantly, feigning shock, badly. ‘Why on earth would I do that...?’

The End

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