Get Out!

Phoebe felt the image of her family's charred remains on the floor, she sat with the piece of glass in her hand, she was covered in black soot. She placed it against her neck and pulled it across her flesh, but it burnt and then healed again. She was crying, the tears splashing on the floor. But right now, she couldn't cry, she knew what her tears could do.

There were only two people who could do that to her, Auvrea; who was resting in Martin's arms, not only looking in her direction and Delano.

Delano was looking in her direction, her special blend drink rolled towards her as he kicked it. He was obviously trying his best to keep her remembering. She placed the bottle in her bag and stood up. "Get out of my head." She looked at him, she remembered Blaze, something she didn't want him to see so she kept it hidden. Her eyes blazed with anger. "GET OUT!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. She clutched her head, the emotianl pain running through her head, down to her heart. She could almost feel Blaze behind her, his hand on her shoulder. Telling her to fight for what she believed in. "You are out of bounds Angel." She gave him an evil stare. "Stay out of my head or next time, you won't be so lucky to see my mercy."

The End

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