Invading her mind

I catch the drink and cautiously uncap it, sniffing it. It doesn’t smell too great. I’ve never liked hot things, and this smells hot. I put my lips to the bottle neck anyway and take a small sip. It’s horrible! I hurriedly recap the bottle and fall to a coughing fit. She tricked me!

Mental powers eh? Might not be amazingly angelic, but it’s worth a go. Just... practice. I delve into her mind without her noticing and sift through a few of her memories. One memory grabs my attention. Her family are dead, I learn, and she is trying to kill herself. It’s not working, though and she falls to the floor, crying. I force her to think about it. Suicide is supposed to be a sin, right? Her eyes close and I feel her trying yo force the memory back, but I make it haunt her. I can feel her hurting inside, though her expression gives nothing away.



The End

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