Phoenix's Special Blend

Phoebe looked at him, he tried not to tell him it was his own fault. "I'm sorry." She muttered. Trying to ignore the fact that Vegas girl was stood nearby. She kicked the chair infront of her, then pulled a drink from her bag. She swollowed a mouthful it was the hottest thing ever, made by her of course. It was made from the nectar of the african fireflower mixed with cranberries for taste and a dash of tabasco. The burning sensation ran down her throat igniting her heart in flames, she bathed in the warmth.

Her skin however was still very white, like a ghost. She smiled screwing the top back on the bottle she turned to Delano, "Want a bit? Take just a drop though. Its hot, but it will awaken your body." She threw the bottle towards him. "Careful." 

The End

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