"I would watch your thoughts newbie." She laughed falling back into Martin's arms. "You see the.. umm." She paused uncomfortably. "The older angels can read your thoughts. Elders won't take kindly to you thinking like that. Also, you do have powers!" She folded her wings down so they weren't in Martin's face and looked back at Delano. "You can heal, not bring back from the dead but you can heal. You can also bring back peoples memories of sins and other such bad deeds to haunt them. That however takes some practice." She continued now in a more serious tone. "I hope you know how to use these wisely. You can't go commiting miracles too often. People will want to kill you. Not everyone will worship you." She looked up and kissed Martin. "Oh! And anybody that you care for and kiss will be able to see your wings, and the wings of others but beware. They could." She almost choked on the horrible words that flooded back memories. "People could... could. Could commit suicide, they can shoot terror into the hearts of humans, if the love is true then they will see the beauty." She looked at martin, drawing his arms around her.

The End

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