Life was easier than death

I'm trying to take in Auvrea’s answers to my questions. It’s hard. I had never believed in any kind of god before. Religion is too contradictory for me. They say love everyone and god will love and forgive everyone, yet religion is the number one cause of war and people go to hell for their choices, or even their sexuality. Apparently. Even though we were supposedly given free will in the first place by a god. Besides my internal religious debate, the other answers were also doing my head in. Think of myself as a superhero? I'm not that egotistical, for one thing. Nor do I have any real powers that I’ve noticed. Sure, I have wings. What real use are they?

Just then the guy who was with Auvrea – Martin I think his name is – comes over and tries to apologise for how he reacted. I can tell how hard it is for him to say it, but I can’t do much more than nod and attempt to say thank you. It comes out as a squeak, really, but I think he’s got the point. He loves Auvrea. I'm not surprised. Who wouldn’t? What am I saying? I turn my head to face the wall of the bus.  Being the social outcast and freak was much easier than this.

The End

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