Revenge and Forgiveness.

Phoebe looked up, an eyebrow raised. "Claude?" She laughed. "You were the one who was playing around with Claude?" Another giggle escaped her lips. "My word, your even lower than I thought. No, of course your with Claude you fit together like it was fate, your cheap hes easy." She looked up without raising her head. "Well now, what makes you so mighty girl?" She growled, even her hair seemed to burn now she was just so angry, she forgot all about the fact that Basilic had seemed to know Blaze... Blaze. The tear fought at her again.


Auvrea placed her hand on his shoulder. "I know, its hard. " She placed a hand under his chin lifting his head. "But, you became an angel because your pure. In every way, your special." She thought of the other questions. "Yes there is a God, and your here to banish evil, thin of yourself of a superhero, or something like that. You shall not kill, but just push the Humans in the right direction. Right wrongs all that." She looked at Alex. "No, he will not turn you but.." She looked at her wrist then back to his face. "He could do some damage, beware of the undead, they can see your wings. If you loose your wings you become human, when you become human you die as a human would." She sighed. "You see, you will then be judged, you will then either become a ghost,angel, demon or just dead. Depending on what happened to you. Each life counts so don't waste them." She stopped, she had answered all his questions she thought. She felt old, but she looked at Martin and she knew that this life was her best.

The End

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