Down to Earth


Basilic was angry. She had called him Bas. She had called him 'Hunny' and 'Sweety'. How dare she patronize him?! He'd heard what she'd said to the phoenix, and what the phoenix had said back. Bad idea on Aphrodite's part. Because he'd also seen the basilisk on her neck. He knew that symbol. That was Blaze's. Blaze was one of the basilisks, back in the day. He stood up and glowered over Aphrodite. 

"Oh, grow up you stupid girl. Do you really think I would be interested in you? You're cheap. A tart. Basically, you're a typical Vegas girl. Claude's welcome to you. I can smell him a mile off. He's as bad as you. He's an outcast, girl. No contact with the rest of us in nearly a hundred years. Now go back to your seat and shut up before I get really aggravated." He turned around and began to sit down, still seething, when he decided to throw a spanner in the works. "Oh, before you go, you can apologise. She's worth more than any number of you could ever be." 

The End

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