Basilisk Eyes

Phoebe looked at Basilic then back at the chair infront of her. She felt attracted to him, and desperate to kill him. She sighed. He reminded her just like her last Basilisk encounter, heck they all looked the same. She held her bowed head in her hands, her hair covering her face, revealing her neck and a small basilisk tattoo on her neck, its tounge flicking out between massive fangs.

Blaze, thats what he called himself. He was a Basilisk she had fallen in love with and killed.

She sniffed, pushing her hair back she rose her head. She looked at Basilic, "What!?" She almost screamed, she felt like he was constantly watching her. A tear almost escaped. Almost.

Blaze loved her, they loved each other she even loved him to supress his stone gaze for a single kiss, they had been so beautiful no wonder so many had died to his stare. But rumours spread among the Basilisks. He was sent to kill her she was too dangerous for them, not like she would do anything to harm any one of them. But he had no choice, she didn't really have one either.

 After that all the Basilisks spread her such a bad name. But until now she had avoided them, now this one was driving her insane. But it wasn't his fault. Yet she felt so angry, so sad... So madly in love.

The End

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