God's Gift, and Wanting to Reassure

Martin was starting to fume. This angel expected he was here purely for help. As if. But then Auvrea placed her hand on his shoulder and gently kissed his cheek. He calmed down almost immediately. She told him to sit down and he did. He didn't want a confrontation, either. He just wanted to be with Auvrea and be happy. 


The phoenix was patronizing him. He didn't like that at all. He growled, the sound emanating from his throat with a resounding rumble. From his experience, phoenix's were too high and mighty for his own good. He might need to lower her a peg or two. Although... He could have done with Aphrodite seeing that kiss... 

The new angel was being confronted by Martin. He didn't want to lose Auvrea. He had to admit, he had been suspicious. But when Auvrea herself walked up and kissed him, he went back to his seat. The combined aura of the two angels was almost over whelming. He looked away. He wanted to talk to Martin. He felt an overwhelming need to apologise, still. He also wanted to reassure him he'd stop anything happening between the angel guy and Auvrea.

The End

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