‘Auvrea’ I mutter, looking over at the other angel, past the guy who had just come over and threatened me, essentially.

‘We've had too many problems, me and Auvrea, so you'd better not do anything.’ He had warned. I shake my head.

‘I’m not here to stir things up,’ I tell him as I look up into his angry eyes. He doesn’t believe me. I can tell. My heart thumps unhappily. My palms begin to sweat. This guy is making me nervous. ‘Look,’ I say shakily, ‘I honestly don’t want to upset anyone. I sensed another angel on here and I'm new to this whole being dead thing, okay?’ I try to sound confident, but my voice is cracking. I have always folded in confrontations. And I'm folding now. ‘I just need some help, that’s all I'm here for. Auvrea... she’s all yours. The last thing I want is a fight,’ I trail off weakly. The guy still doesn’t look like he believes me.

Uh oh.

The End

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