Tetchy Reality

Basilic was sniggering to himself. Alex had said something to the angel. Something to do with having a problem with him. And the angel had almost fainted. 

"Don't mind our friend Alex. He's a bit tetchy. Unfortunately, I haven't let him feed on any humans for longer than he's used to," he said, and the angel almost had a heart attack. Again. Basilic rolled his eyes. "Oh, my name's Basilic. If you ever even try and call me Bas, I'll rip your tongue out with my bare hands." He was so calm as he said this it was unnerving.

He then turned to the phoenix beside the angel. This was an experience he'd never thought to have again. All non-humans were rare and few and far between, but phoenix's... They seemed to be like gold dust. "Hello. Same goes for you as him. I may not like hurting women, but I dislike the name Bas even more."

He flashed a winning smile, and then walked to the back of the bus, trying to seem concerned about Aphrodite. He made a fuss of trying to make her more comfortable whilst one hand rummaged through her bag, looking for the weed and vodka. He found the weed and shoved it in a pocket, and then removed the half empty bottle of vodka and walked back to his seat. He smiled to himself. She'd have a harder time of life when she woke up. She'd have to face reality.

The End

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