The Phoenix

Her eyes simmered as she felt his sorrow, they returned to the smoldering deep reddy-brown. She smiled. She hated she could feel others hearts, but it sort of helped her relate to people.

The Phoenix is a loving and joyous bird, but its anger when scorned knows no bounds. Along with its mournful song after a battle lost the Phoenix mirrors the human heart in all its beauty. She hated it, but felt it her job to sort of console people, that was the power she was given and the spirit to reflect her human form.

Also she could be re-born a thousand times. That was annoying at first. The first time she died someone had murdered her whole family, she tried so long to kill herself but she just woke up, her clothes in tatters, her wounds healed and covered in black soot. She could heal others with her tears, unless they chose to die... but she could only cry for loved ones, she only realised that too late, she has never cried since.

Worst of all, she has permanant Heart burn. Comes with having a fiery soul.

The End

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