‘Something is wrong though, not just that you’re not very social. Which isn't a bad thing.’ Phoebe says, pulling out a compact mirror. She studies her reflection and mutters ‘I hate my eyes.’ Glad to change the subject, I ask her:

‘What’s wrong with your eyes?’ I ask her. She glances up at me surprised.

‘They’re too red!’ she exclaims. ‘They just make me look like I'm evil or something... like a hungry vampire,’ I look at her nervously, thinking about the vampire behind me. When did he last feed? I start to wonder and hope it was recently.

‘There’s nothing wrong with them,’ I tell her softly. ‘It’s not like you are a hungry vampire, so there’s nothing wrong with them being so red, is there?’

‘You’re sweet, but I would still prefer if they were as brown as they used to be.’ She says, smiling at me. I try to smile back, but I falter, realising that the vampire behind us has stopped talking. I'm sure he’s probably glaring at me.

‘’scuse me pal,’ the vampire taps me on the shoulder roughly. ‘Is there something wrong with you?’ he snaps.

‘S-sorry.’ I stammer, turning to face him. I'm surprised to see his bright blue eyes staring back at me. Hostile, they may be, but red they are not.

‘If you have a problem with me being a vampire, you should probably move,’ he warns me in a low voice.

‘No. I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you!’ my voice cracks as I back down, easily defeated. The vampire sits back in his seat and I hear his conversation resume with the girl next to him. I face the front of the bus again and slouch in my seat, depressed about being such a wuss.




The End

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