Silent Screams

I, well dream me, starts screaming and praying. Again something sober me tries to do quite a bit. God isn't even real so I don't know why she does that.

I always say she because its not me. It's always like theres a small part of my entity begging for salvation. Which I blame on the stupid human brain. After so many years of being told we need to have salvation its imprinted on us all.

"Please forgive me. Please take away all my sins. The memories that flood back." Yeh yeh yeh keep praying hunny not going to do anything but waste your short life.

"I didn't mean to kill him." Woah I have never killed a guy. I didn't know what the hell she was on about.

"I'm sory for what I turned you into Beatrice." I actually flinched at the sound of my father's voice, and at my real name. Sure enough the bloody image of my father was sitting beside me. Then he disapeared yelling in pain as he went. I turned and saw the cutie next to me. He was placing his shades back on. Claude was right next to him.

"You killed him first" Claude sneers at me. No , no I didn't kill Daddy. I watch on in horror as dream me backs towards the end of the bus.

Claude has a gun. Time to pray Beatrice. Ok will people STOP calling me that.

I realise hes not bothered with dream me any more, the guns pointed at me. Dream me isn't here anymore. I asume I'm now in her body. A rush of fear and emotions wipe over me. I've never felt like this. Nothing like this pain. No!


Aphrodite twitched in her seat. I hoped she was having a nightmare. It had been around fourteen hours ago she fell asleep. I wondered  she must have taken something to be out cold like that for so long.

I pointed it out to Meggie and she just turned up her nose in disgust.

The End

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