Flaming Eyes!

Phoebe smiled again, the man next to the angel was wierd he seemed inhuman, yet he was not dead. Hmm. She looked back at the angel, her eyes flaming with laughter, and joy.

"You're not that bad." She cocked her head to the side. "Something is wrong though, not just that you're not very social. Which isn't a bad thing." She rubbed her eyes, then pulled out a mirror padding the area around her eyes. She hated them sometimes, they looked so red and evil. When she was a kid, is wass a deeper brown but now they seem so bright. Especially when she was happy, angry or (in the most unlikely case) in love.

Her white skin looked even paler with her red lipstick, (the only thing that wasn't naturally red,) her flaming red hair and eyes. She had four ruby earrings accented with gold in her ears. She folded up the mirror and placed it back in her bag. She hated looking at herself normally but she couldn't help thinking how wierd her eyes must have looked.

"Eugh, I hate my eyes." She muttered, amazed if anyone actually heard her.

The End

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