The phoenix gets up and moves to sit somewhere else. I watch curiously and shyly as she moves. At first I think she’s going to move past me and sit somewhere near the back, but then she sits next to me! Me! I look at her in shock, but I try to hide how nervous I am. All my life I have avoided having to talk to too many people. And suddenly I need to talk to two. In one day. Maybe. If I'm brave enough to talk to the angel. Plus, both these people are women! I stutter a pathetic ‘hello’ to the phoenix and she smiles.

‘Hey, you’re... quite holy right?’

‘Wh -What?’ I ask jumping as she speaks.

‘You’re an angel.’ She says, trying not to roll her eyes.

‘Oh.’ I whisper, my lips forming a small “O” ‘Yes...’ I say quietly. I sit there awkwardly.

‘So what’s your name?’ she pushes on relentlessly.

‘Delano,’ I tell her just as quietly before. I wish I wasn’t so shy... ‘You?’

‘Mine’s Phoebe.’ Her voice is so confident compared to mine. I feel myself shrinking into the chair, embarrassed by myself. ‘What’s up?’ she asks, noticing how I'm behaving. Instantly I feel like a complete loser – which I am.

‘Nothing,’ I sigh, ‘I'm just a loser, and I have no social skills. It’s always been that way. Everything about me just shouts “LOSER”. I just don’t know what to say to you, really. Sorry.’ I blurt out, cringing at myself again. I look out the window and try to pretend none of that just happened, but I fail.

The End

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