I wish...

I can hear the vampire guy behind me talking about things I wish I couldn’t hear. Talking about how to turn someone into a vampire! I would cover my ears, but I don’t want him to see and get offended or anything. I really want to talk to that angel over there, but I can tell that the basilisk is offended by me even being here and I don’t think the guy with the other angel would take me asking to talk to her very well. I can feel a few eyes on me, but I think a lot of people are staring at the phoenix. Her flaming red hair is certainly eye catching, to say the least.

I wonder how the other angel found the bus, what she thinks of the people on it. It’s so odd having nothing to do now I am obviously no longer a member of the living. I feel like I should still be at uni. I was quite happy with the course I was on, the workload. It was better than school. The workload was never enough to keep me busy. I was never popular at school; in fact I was picked on so badly that I moved schools before I even got to the end of year 12. Even in the new school I was unpopular. I was the geek.

Which of course is why I'm amazed people seem to stare at me in awe, rather than disgust now. I’ve lost the spots and the need for smart clothes. My hair falls in exactly the way I wanted it to when I was alive. My eyes have the kind of light to them that I had always wished they would have. I'm not amazing, not attractive. But death has, ironically, improved my looks. But I have no idea how this being dead thing works. I mean I got wings for god’s sake! Wings!

I guess that would make me an angel, since they’re so white. But other than that I don’t know anything. I wasn’t exactly given a crash course on “What to do when you’re dead”. Nothing. Which is why I need to talk to that angel over there. But I can’t firstly, she’s a girl. I have never been able to talk to girls in my life. Maybe that’s why I'm an angel. “Pure”. Untouched, unblemished, not corrupted in any way during my life. I sigh and hang my head. I wish I had never got in my car in such a bad mood that day.

The End

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