More Angels

Basilic was annoyed. Another angel had got on the bus. He'd watched him, plain anger washing over his face. Aphrodite was still asleep, thank God. No doubt she'd want to make out again... Or sit next to the new guy. 

He was suspicious. With Auvrea on the bus, how could it be mere coincidence that another had got on? After all the trouble he'd gone through to repair the hurt he'd caused, if it was ruined by that new guy, he'd either kill him or hurt him as much as he could. For now, however, he turned his attention back to the current problem. Aphrodite. He needed to punish her, but at the moment he didn't know what else to do, so he moved to a seat near the angel, so he could keep an eye on him and stop Aphrodite getting too close. He was only resentful he'd had to leave his jacket at the back.

The End

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