Gabby is asking me how you become a vampire. At first I refuse to tell her. Then she gets distracted. Some guy walking up the aisle. Then she turns her attention back to the question, and more importantly, my answer. I sigh, defeated. By a teenager!

‘Vampire venom. If you’re wounded, or you get bitten, all a vampire has to do is get their saliva in your wound. Which is usually why being bitten turns people into a vampire. Who sticks around to dry their teeth? Anyway, some vampires want to avoid it, so they cut the person they’re drinking from, and do their best not to lick the wound when they’re drinking. It’s hard, but so far I have managed not to change anyone,’ I tell her. She listens intently and falls silent, occasionally looking up at the back of the new guy’s face. Another angel. How many do we need on one bus? I roll my eyes and slouch, eating the last of my crisps.



I got on the bus. I'm afraid of these things on the bus. Can they kill me again? Will my presence provoke some frenzy? I sit nervously in a seat in the fourth row, near to the other angel. She is with someone. They look like they’re getting on... well. I get up and move again, not wanting to cause a fight between me and the human she was with. I might be new to this angel thing – I died about four weeks ago – but I'm not a complete idiot. I would be suspicious if another angel – a guy angel – turned up and sat nearby, waiting to talk to the girl angel.

I move to the sixth row, just in front of the vampire, wondering if that was a really bad move. Then again he’s sitting next to a human and she seems okay. At ease, even. I try to relax but all I can hear is the crunching of the vampire eating crisps.

The End

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