" do you become a vampire?" I was asking Alex to pass the time when another angel boarded the bus.

As I said before, my ability to see dead people also means that I can see angels (although I didn't know that until this bus trip) and now that I know how to identify them, its very hard to believe that their beauty would go unnoticed by ordinary people.

The man that walked up the centre aisle now was so immensly attractive that I got completely distracted from my conversation with the vampire. It was hard to tell what age he was, he seemed timeless, with a strong jaw of a man, but was thin, almost like a young boy. His hair was a light shade of brown, almost blonde and it was swept to the side just above his eyes. His eyes...I mean, They were the most piercing, gentle eyes I have ever seen, I shade of green so bright it was almost flourescent.

'...Gabby, Gabby, what are you looking at?' I shook my head and turned away from the Gift-Of-God that was just sitting down in the fourth row.

'Nothing, I just...nothing. You didn't answer my question anyway - how do you become a vampire?' Alex sighed and proceeded to tell me the basics of a transformation, forgetting my strange behaviour.

The End

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