Delano sensed another angel nearby. His wings twitched and directed him to a travelling bus. The bus was filled with all sorts of beings. A vampire, a basilisk, a phoenix, a witch and wizard, a werewolf and the other angel. She was new. But not new.

He was confused. He had never come across someone who had been an angel, lost her wings and then become an angel again. It was making his head hurt, just thinking about it. Pushing the thought from his mind, Delano followed the bus gliding through the air, keeping an eye on it. He wasn’t sure if he should go and talk to the angel on the bus, or if he should stay away from all the deadly creatures on there.



NB: I am not trying to steal people's ideas of posting about angels. Delano is a very old character of mine, from when I was about 14, I'm just struggling to think of things for Alex to do.

The End

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