Burning Fire

Phoebe walked onto the bus, she handed over her money and sat in the row beside the chick with the feathery pink costume. When she looked at her and the guy with the shades she shuddered. It was... wierd.

Phoebe had flaming red hair, it was wispy and fell down over her shoulders. She had her headphones in, so her hair was tucked neatly behind her ears. She had her eyes closed, but when open they were the lightest shade of mahogany red you could imagine, like a flame was lit inside them.

She wore a loose red top that had a stretchy black belt around the middle. Her black trousers were tucked into shiny black high-heeled ankle boots. She was already beginning to fit into the bus, she was a shape-shifter, except her animal was more mythical. She was the great phoenix, the same type of creature that was featured in Harry Potter and many other films and Books, but luckily no one else knew that. Her tears could heal (Not that she cried much, she had no loved ones left.) She could not die and she always had a fire burning in her heart.

The End

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