The sandman cometh.

He wanted me so bad. I liked the way he put his jacket round me and kissed me so roughly.

I felt really realy drowsy. I soon fell asleep on his arm.

Dreams began like they always do. This is why I hate going to sleep without heavy drugging. I never dream then. I hate it when my dreams do this. I'm sure its a weed side afect.

I watch the scene from outside of my body. We seem to be driving through a desert or something. I am perfectly awake and this guy next to me wont stop staring at me. I get up and go to the bathroom which now somehow has a door fully attached now. I seem to be draged around by myself in.

As soon as I close the door behind me I collapse down and cry. Which sucks because I haven't done that In quite a while. That only ever happens when I'm compleatly sober. Like I say not for a very long time. I don't know how long I had to , well float, watching myself breakdown. I tapped my foot impatiently untill I eventually wailed something about killing him. Im not sure who though.

Claude's arm was in the sink. I knew it was his. He had a moon tattoed onto his palm. I refrained from screaming. My other dream self didn't . I ran out of the bathroom and Claude was everywhere. I screamed for my father but blood was pouring from the top of the bus. I watched as dream me began to drown in the Blood. I was used to this part of the dream. It was never on a bus but it vaugly followed the same pattern of blood and various persons from my past haunting me. However it was normally Claude who took off his shades, killed the people haunting me and then wisk me away.

I didn't know why it was Claude's blood and body parts everywhere.


That Aphrodite woman has fallen asleep and is twitching in the arms of the cute one with shades.

I however didn't care the way this Meggie was describing her she didn't sound nice. I had begun talking to Meggie a while back and was glad I did. She seemed to be a bit alone like me.

The End

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