Aphrodite's Comeuppance

Basilic had moved back to the seat next to Aphrodite. She slid her hand up his leg, so he put his arm around her neck and she pulled out her vodka again. It seemed she couldn't cope with reality sober.  He'd handed her a mint, the smell of weed was overpowering him, and he almost vomited, the smell disgusted him so much. 

"Aphrodite, I hadn't noticed before... You're so hot in that outfit. But... Surely you're cold? The heating on this bus seems to have shorted out," he asked, with a derogatory snort. "They could at least try to not let us freeze to death. I paid good money to use this bus." He withdrew his arm from her neck and she seemed put out, and looked about to complain, when she realised that he was taking off his jacket. He slung it around her, and then replaced his arm. She smiled at him slyly, and he looked her in the eyes. Lust filled them. He knew what she wanted. So, he obliged. With a little extra of his own.

He moved his head in and pressed his lips against hers, his left hand on her waist and the other in her hair. He was disgusted at the taste of her lips, the last of the weed that lingered about her mouth. He broke the contact of their lips and breathed a little, adding to it the tiniest amount of basilisk venom. Not enough to cause permanent harm, but enough to make her drowsy; then he kissed her more forcefully, running his hand up and down her side, right hand ruffling her hair slightly more powerfully than before.

Breathing more of the venom into her mouth, she was soon asleep, her head resting on his shoulder. A slight grin appeared upon his face, and he also looked down the bus and saw Martin and Auvrea kissing again, her brilliant white form shrouding his, the light and purity of it stunning him yet again. He knew how pure she was, mentally and... Physically...

He wondered whether, if given another chance, he'd follow her example, and knew immediately that he wouldn't be able to. Abstinence was not his strong point. And he knew that, although he had performed bad deeds, he wasn't essentially bad and strived to do good. Still, he admired her. Hell, he admired Martin as well, for not casting her away.  

The End

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