Oh my god they were more pathetic than I thought. However I had got him. She would be insecure forever and eventually he would want another woman again. Just like any normaly people they would realise they never had anything, maybe even die alone. Perfect. I smilded to myself for the days third victory. Now onto my fourth. My hand gently slid up the leg of the hottie next to me.

After a little while of what I'm asuming was pretending it was perfectly normal for him to be with a girl like me.

My shrink always said that I slept with men because I had a need to feel wanted and lovd by men. She said, since my dad had gotten engaged and murdered, I felt alone and needed the comfort of being able to get any man to prove to myself I'm worthy.

He was wrong. How could I be inseucre. I'm the most confident person I know. I proceded to seduce him and get him fiered from his profession. Nobody calls me psycotic. I only ever went to that stupid shrink cause Clade told me to.

His arm went around my neck. I hadn't had nearly enough fun today. He passed me a mint. He must definalty be reving up fro whats to come next.

It also took away the smell of weed. Maybe he was also doing it so the escort wouldn't smell it.

I yanked the vodka out of my bag again. I was begining to get back to vague reality and that sucks trust me.

The End

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