An Angel Reborn

Basilic was still grinning about the trapping of his set. Although he was feeling guilty about the... Thing with Auvrea. He hated it. He'd heard her speak to him, faintly. Martin had ignored her. What had he done? He'd split them up. Pure, undiluted love, pulled apart by his childish need to antagonize someone. He felt something leave the bus, and, when he focused, he knew what it was. Her spirit. She'd left her physical self. He leant forward and put his head in his hands. 

He stayed like that until his Sight was almost blinded by an all-consuming light, pure and beautiful. He lifted his head and Saw her again. She was breathing. She was back, but she wasn't her. She'd come back. But as an angel. She had been reborn again. He loathed himself. He put his head in his hands again, and rocked himself back and forth. He needed to get off this bus as quickly as possible...

The End

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