Seeing the light

Auvrea looked at Martin, a tear trickled down her face mixing with her blood. The blood. Auvrea looked at her arm, he must have severed an artery. She closed her eyes, the light. The light at the end of a tunnel, my tunnel. No! She shook her head, her eyes became heavy the darkness took over. She looked at her reflection, mixing with his. "Sorry.." But the word drifted off as she fell onto Alex. A tear dripped onto his shirt. 

The light was blinding, yet warm...oh so warm, she saw a man. "Oh," She sighed as she realised where she was.
"You know, you scared us when you left our ranks. But then we saw you with Martin, it was so touching." The deep voice echoed through the empty light. Auvrea rolled her eyes.
"Whats going to happen to me?" She lifted up her now healed arm, placing it on her heart.
"You know that Auvrea. Time to gain your wings." She looked at the floor as the white cloud began to disappear, she let out a long sigh. "Exactly."

The End

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