True Friends

I could now see the other personality of Vegas Woman. Aphrodite she said was her name. Ha! I bet that's not even true. She's just a vile, untrue temptress, who sleeps around with anybody and everybody. She may get more men but she's never known true love like I have.

I tried to help the Angelic Girl earlier, who got caught between a punch up with Pale Guy (Alex?) and Tough Guy, but Aphrodite and Martin were in my way. You know, I know CPR. Have done since I was 10-luckily I've never had to use it, but I never know...

I tried to talk to Aphrodite but she seems to be ignoring me...more than the other passangers anyway. And I had actually been speaking to her. That's how I finally saw it: she wasn't worth trying to be friends with.

After we stopped at a diner (mmm chips-at least I can have fast food when I'm away from my parents) I was 'kicked out' of my seat by a tough-looking guy with shades. I think he said his name was...Bas? Or something like that... So it's back to Row 13 for me. 13's my luckiest number; I was born on the 13th and I like to think I will be special. Yeah, I said earlier I'm nowhere near special! My singing career is going down the drain, and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with probably doesn't care at all. Because I'm just a young girl.

One of the newer passangers sits next to me. She looks a little lonely and I don't blame her-I know what it's like to be unloved. I study my hands like I would have to take a test on them, but it seems this lady has actually come to talk to me!

"Hi, I'm Jenifer, and you are?"


It's nice to have someone else intiate the conversation for once!

The End

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