Perfect ... as always.

I as usual had broken apart that stupid idiocrisy that "love" is and was now moving onto someone slightly more worthy of me.

I wondered. If he was a winner to we could really help each other out. We together broke them up. He kissed her whilst I was distracting Mar... Marvin? I don't know I can't remember anymore.

The looming worry of him was countered out mostly by the weed. I would definalty have fun with this one.

Not only would he be a good ride but it would break that little angel even more. She needed to be knocked down. She was far too pretty and naive. I often wondered where Lilly was getting to these days. She was my partner in crime. Another winner, she married a really old, half dead, rich guy. So sucsessful. I flicked out my make up case. I would make sure I looked fabulos for this hunk.

The End

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