The Explanation

"So what's the big grin about?" Basilic jumped at Alex's question. He'd got used to the vampire being silent, and especially frosty in his direction. 

"A little bit of... Revenge on behalf of our friends nearer the front," he said cryptically. Alex snorted. Gathering that there was a bit of unpleasant history between him and either Martin or Auvrea, most likely Martin, seeing as, once being an angel, Auvrea would have gone out of her way to be polite to anyone, Basilic continued hurriedly. "Well, seeing as Ms. Aphrodite back there thinks so much of herself, with the thought she can have any man she wants, I'll let her think she has me." Alex arched his eyebrows at this, obvious doubting the sanity of his would-be jailer.

"Well, how can she expect to get away with it?! She tried to destroy something so pure... And even now, I'm not sure it'll survive," he explained sadly. "Look. They're not even talking. Just sitting there. It's all my fault. If I hadn't provoked you, they'd still be as happy as ever. So, I think it's necessary to get rid of the problems... Unfortunately, I can't go. I'm like the only person who can keep you from biting these guys IF you go crazed again. So she needs to go. And I intend to make that happen." This last bit was said with more conviction. He'd make amends, and, when he knew Alex was safe once and for all, he'd leave the bus as well. Get rid of the problem. 

The End

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