Basilic is keeping an eye on me, from across the aisle. I took my original seat, but he decided to sit nearby and keep watch on me. It’s kinda irritating, in a way, but I can understand. I'm still embarrassed about earlier. I feel sick when I think about it. Eventually, Basilic gets up and walks to the back of the bus. I don’t hear what they say, but he soon comes back to his seat with a huge grin on his face. I look at him curiously, but don’t say anything.

I had been quiet in the diner, sitting at the table silently, blocking all conversation directed at me. I hate what happened. I hate what I am. I hate how I reacted. It never fails to astound me when I think about how adamant Gabby is about becoming a vampire too. Surely what happened should have put her off? I don’t think she was really listening when I apologised... now we’re all back on the bus, I'm just as silent. Just as scared of myself. Maybe I should go provoke a few more vampire hunters. It would be better for everyone if I was caught.

My survival instinct blocks that thought out, though, and I sit up in my seat.

Don’t be ridiculous. The voice in the back of my head tells me. You just need to practice your self control better... it wasn’t even your fault. I know it wasn’t my fault, but who’s to say that it wouldn’t have happened anyway?

Worry pulls at my stomach as I sit there brooding. I need something to do. Instantly, I regret blocking conversation earlier. Just as everyone finally leaves me alone, I want someone to talk to. I look over at Basilic.

‘So what’s the big grin about?’ I start with a false smile.

The End

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