Setting The Trap

They'd stopped at a diner and Basilic had kept an eye on Alex, although he hadn't put a toe out of line... So far. Maybe it's just an act so you'll leave him alone. His mind suggested. No. He's fed. His eyes aren't red. He's not hungry again yet. I can leave him for a bit. And so, when they had all got on the bus again, feeling a bit fuller, bags a bit heavier and purses and wallets slightly lighter, he didn't take the seat next to Alex that he had been sitting in prior to the stop, but continued to the back. Aphrodite didn't look so much scared, more like apprehensive, as he approached. The girl beside her looked worried when he loomed over her.

"Scram. I need to talk to this... Delightful lady for a few minutes." Meggie Greene, although Basilic didn't know that was her name yet, slowly lifted herself out of the seat and, a bit put out, slouched a few rows down the bus before launching herself onto a seat. Basilic sat down in the recently vacated seat, and, without meaning to, wrinkled his nose, a bitter mixture of weed and alcohol assaulting his inhuman senses. 

"Have you been drinking?" he asked, trying to seem vaguely interested. Aphrodite nodded and slyly pulled out a bottle of Vodka from her bag. She nodded at the bottle, silently asking whether he wanted some. He shook his head.

"I'm abstaining from alcohol. Caused terrible problems in my last town. Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for being so hostile earlier," He started to stand and move away, before turning around and saying, "Maybe we could... Get to know each other a bit better," he said with a slight wink. She'd bought it. She hadn't realised he was playing her like she played men. He turned around and a wide grin spread across his face which stayed in place until after he got back to his new seat, across the aisle from Alex, who looked sincerely interested in his new-found joy. 

The End

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