Yes, I know I'm stubborn.

Alex told me that he was sorry and tried to persuade me again to forget about becoming a vampire, but when he turned his back, I stuck my tongue out at him. This gained me a shocked stare from Lilleth, but I glared at her, daring her to say something.

I know what I want.

When Alex and and the shaded man left the bus, I tried to follow them. I didn't last very long before I lost them in the woods, so I had made my way back to the waiting bus, my jeans caked in mud from the many falls I'd had trying to follow the two of them. Wow, they were fast.

I don't think anyone but Lilleth noticed I was gone, and by the time the bus set off again, everything had been sorted out. It even looked like the ex-angel and her partner were starting to forgive eachother.

I had a few shallow cuts on the palms of my hand from falling in the woods, and the pain started to remind me of the feel of a cold razor against my skin, the way it presses before it pricks and then the way the blood... I shook my head, trying to rid myself of the thoughts that would condemn me.

I focused on my palms, hoping that the tiny amount of blood there would make me feel the nausea I crave. When it didn't work, I decided to just stare out the window at the passing scenery.

We finally arived at a small roadside diner, and everyone got out to stretch their legs. I noticed the vegas girl was the first off the bus, almost sprinting. It looked like she needed something.

The End

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