Not another one

No. It couldn't be. I thought it was just Claude that was like that. I don't belive in magic, but dark and evil forces and creatures I know exist.

He was threatening me with his shades comming off. I knew what could happen if they came off aswell. I had seen Claude do it far to many times. Another part of the reason I left Vegas was because I was pretty sure my use to Claude was running out. I could have made Claude mine if I had wanted. Problem was I'm sure I would have been too attached to him. I liked and respected him greatly.

I was automatically intrigued by this guy however. I was in a conflict, which doesn't often happen with me. Well if you dont include should I have a martini or a double shot tiquila which always works out as have both. Same with men generally.

I was in the conflict with two options. Number one, I give up on that one because hes not even human and I have a large survival instinct. Number two, I give in to my curiosity and find out things about him, seduce him and then hand him to the FBI for a large reward and medical experiments.

Confusing. Anyhow thinking of drinking, I was now getting cravings for some of the lovely liquor. I should think my situation over while I have a little to drink.

Pulling Vodka, descised in a water bottle, out of my bag I unscrew the cap. As soon as it hits my tounge the itches and pangs adiction causes on the body fade away. The body is such a weak entity. I'm not mentally addicted but my body is so used to it by now. I don't however mind as its a personal alarm clock that reminds me when I've not had enough to drink.

More memories flood back. Memories I've learnt to be proud of. Daddy would have been proud if he had lived through them.

When I grew up and got my physics degree I was working in a high school for many years. I was a winner no matter what as daddy had always wanted me to be. It was many years after mother died and he was still involved in his mafia type organisation. He was now its ruler. I would sleep with pupils and if they tried to say anything I could have what ever I wanted to happen. I was always a daddys girl. I admired him so much and then he left me. He left me for her. She was eight years my senior and way to young for him. He left me to fend for myself. He would often forget to call me or leave me to sort out a situation on my own.

One night he came home and told me they were to be married, that he loved her. She had poisoned his mind. Love doesn't exit he told me that himself. Love is an illusion, have love and be a loser. Love is just a method to be slienced, you can never be a true winner.I couldn't let that happen to my Daddy.

I snuck upstairs to kill her and saw something I never wanted to see. They were on the bed she was giggling away while he ... No I had managed to block that part of the memory from my mind. Next thing I know I'm driving a peice of bloody shattered glass through her neck. My hands drenched and my clothes covered to.

Dad was lying next to her his face complealty disfigured with glass sticking from it. The mirror next to me was broken and I had peices of glass in my fist where I must have punched the mirror. I don't know how dad was killed. She must have done it . Even in blind rage I wouldn't hurt Daddy. Would I? No I didn't kill my Daddy , she did. That sleep around Harroden did.

Like I say the body is such a weak entity its kill or be killed. There is the reason I left for vegas aswell. I take another swig from the bottle and carry on remembering those cruical moments that have made me who I am. Made me a winner. I have guilt for killing her I'm a good girl. I don't kill people at least. It was worth it, I am no longer just a pathetic excuse for a human.

I needed a joint. Some parts of the memory I have been able to leave behind. The guilt for killing her I haven't been able to forget. Or the way her face twisted as I drove the Shard in and stabbed and stabbed. I had found a cure for it however and it came in the form of weed. I hoped the next stop would be soon. Stupid Europeans and smoking Bans.

The End

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