The Problems of Aphrodite and a Door

Basilic couldn't believe it. She was talking to him. She had almost destroyed the purest love he'd ever encountered and she was talking to him like nothing had happened! He was infuriated. Turning, he reached up to take his glasses off, his anger was so strong, but then he stopped. He knew he'd feel guilty about killing her. Even if she did deserve all she got. 

 "You need to get out of my way.  You need to stay away from this man. And you need to get off this bus before I change my mind about taking these glasses off," he warned, voice full of menace, and threatening her to actually make a move and take them off of him herself. But she didn't. She didn't even do what she was told. She moved off a bit, and then stood there, looking sour and leaning against the side of the bathroom.

 He glared at her, and then turned to the task at hand, the removal of Martin from the toilet.  He was about to start when Alex joined him, giving him a sheepish smile and offered his help. Basilic was astonished. After the teasing, the beating he'd given him earlier, and then the forced submission, he was surprised he wasn't attacking him again. 

"Thanks, Alex. Although, I think there's only going to be one way to get him out of there," he said, and when Alex looked kind of confused, he expanded, "I think we're going to have to force the door. I didn't see his face, but he was moving quickly, with his head bowed, and there was no way he wasn't crying. Which I actually envy him..." and at this point, he realised he'd gone off track completely.

"Anyway, we need to get the door open. But, I don't think the driver or that escort are going to take kindly to having the door knocked down." And then, without warning, Alex nudged Basilic out of the way, and pulled with all the might in his body to open the door. A screw popped out of the handle, and another. Jerking his had from left to right so quickly it beggared belief, he wrenched the handle off. He stood back with the handle in his hand and looked at it. Bugger, he muttered. 

"Could you move out the way please, Basilic?" Basilic, quickly, moved out of the way, staring hatefully at Aphrodite. Alex, however, was pushing against the side of the door opposite the hinges. Faintly, there was a screech of metal against metal. It grew in pitch as Alex pushed harder. Finally, the lock snapped. Basilic looked through into the toilet and saw a sight that disturbed him. The man that had been so happy earlier when he got on was now lying on the floor, sobbing his heart out like some forsaken three-year old. Knowing that there was no way he’d be able to move under his own power, he motioned for Alex to help him carry Martin to his seat. Carrying him slowly down the aisle, they finally reached his seat and put him down, and then Basilic lifted Auvrea up and placed her next to him, before he and Alex retreated so they could talk in private.

The End

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