According to plan

Ha. Now hes finally realised love is but a shatterable illusion. I definatly liked that new guy with the shades. He had helped me to my goal. Now whilst he was broken headed I would take him. He wouldn't even know what was happening. He would just feel the pleasure. He looked like he needed it and of course its my aim to please. Maybe he would become like me.

Like I said I can do anything.

The little kid who had been sitting next to me bored me. Romeos? Romeos were pathetic men who used romantic things to get a woman to bed or were selfless enough to think they loved her truly. Now we have date drugs. So much easier.

I would now make my way to the toliet to see to him. That new guy was there before me. Maybe I could get a three going. Never done that on a bus.

"Hey cutie. I'm Aphrodite and you are?" He should be interesting.


I went and sat next to that school girl. She had been next to that vegas woman, and looked slightly forlorn.

"Hey" I know I am slightly scandolous when it comes to males but nothing like that Vegas Hoe, I was out flirted. Besides I'm actually kind of nice when it comes to cheering people up. Besides apart from that blonde one who went with the blonde girl (both of them are so dumb blondes. Him for not picking me and her for being a bimbo).

"Hi" She seemed happy someone cared.

"I'm Jenifer, and you are?"

The End

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