Martin was pinned in by the Vegas girl, and she kept trying to block his view of Auvrea. She had practically flown to the seat by his side when Auvrea had been bitten. He hated her. She didn't get it. He loathed her being. The pink feathers were revoltingly bright. He wanted to push her out the way, to physically pick her up and throw her to the other side of the bus. 

"Get out of my way," he muttered, voice dangerously low, but she just went on about apples again. He started getting angry now. He'd seen Basilic move to Auvrea. He needed to be with her. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be there. No, needed to be. Eventually, he forced her out the way, just in time to see Auvrea's lips close on those of Basilic. He stopped, suddenly, and a sense of grief shot through his body. No! Never! She wouldn't do that... She wouldn't... She... She... She was! His breathing grew heavier, and his eyes started to well with tears. Head down, he headed to the bathroom, a few moments too late to see Basilic break the contact, looking horrified at himself and sank to the floor, letting his tears flow freely. He wanted to die. He had nothing to live for now. She had been the only thing he had ever had worth having. And now he didn't have her. He knew he'd never be happy again. Knew he'd never know love again. His life was as good as empty. He was all but a shell now.


Basilic broke contact with Auvrea, and though her soft lips and cool skin called him back, he resisted, and was sure his face showed his utter horror at the event that had just occurred. He just saw Martin disappear into the bathroom. She said she'd be OK, and he believed her. She may look fragile, but he knew there was strength beneath the surface. Great strength.

He asked Martin's name, which she obliged, although she looked deeply embarrassed. Then, he followed Martin to the toilets and knocked on the door. He knew he had to try and make him see reason. He had to fix what he'd done. He knew it was his fault. If it wasn't for him, then Alex wouldn't have bitten Auvrea and the Vegas girl wouldn't have been near Martin. He hated himself. If looking in a mirror would rob him of this life, then he'd do it. But he knew it wouldn't work. He'd tried to do it when he'd first killed. And he also knew that the girl in feathers would get what was coming to her. He'd make sure of it. 

The End

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