Broken Regrets

Auvrea looked at Basilic. "Auvrea. I know I will be fine, I just need a few seconds thats all." She smiled, looking at the dark shades. Beneath them, were a pair of perfect green eyes. She reached to take off his glasses when his hand sharply took hold of her wrist. She scanned her brain, thinking of why he wouldn't want to her to see his eyes.
"Your a soul-sucker arn't you?" She looked at him, Soul-sucker was the name the angels gave to their species, it was easy to remember and was straight ot the point. 
She reached up to him, placing a hand on his cheek and kissed him, he tried to pull away but she wouldn't allow him, until his strength over-whelmed her. She looked at the floor. A tear coming to her eye, but she refused for any more to follow. She looked towards Martin, then straight back at the floor again. "I'm sorry." Her voice was full of strength once more, but also regret. "Its just, hes with her. He doesn't want me, I know he doesn't. He wants that skimpy showgirl. I wish..."

She paused, some part of her refused to say the next few words, but the majority won. "I wish I would just die, but this time not come back. But I know, that if I do die my blood is too pure for me just to stay in heaven, or hell." She shivered at the prospect. "I would just come straight back to Earth again." She thought of the never-ending cycle and her only hope of breaking it, was destroyed.  

The End

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