An Angel's Hurt

Basilic and Alex had returned to the bus, and Basilic almost walked onto the bus without replacing his glasses, but Alex, who had by this time fed on two deer, five rabbits and a couple of weasels, reminded him. They both climbed the steps slowly, wearily, and walked back to their seats. Basilic had no sooner closed his eyes to try to sleep than he remembered why he had taken Alex outside, why he'd had to remove his glasses and follow Alex's hunt, interesting though it was.

The angel, he thought. No, no, ex-angel, he reminded himself. Slipping out of his seat, he rushed down the aisle to Auvrea, and wondered at the lack of her 'boyfriend', and then he saw him penned in by that girl in the feathery pink outfit. He obviously wanted to get past her, but she kept trying to thrust herself on him, obviously wanting to be as intimate as Auvrea and him had been, but it wasn't happening. He wasn't interested in her, and Basilic respected that. He knew fidelity, and wasn't about to risk the one thing that was worth fighting for. And then he knelt down beside Auvrea, gathering her hand up and trying to comfort her. 

"Come on. It's going to be OK. What's your name? I'm Basilic. I'll be here until your better. It's going to be OK."

The End

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