Forgotten and Ignored

Auvrea pushed herself against the base of one of the chairs sitting herself up. She coughed, holding her head with the arm Alex hadn't bit. She tried to focus her eyes, looking around for Martin she saw him talkign with the... "The Vegas girl!" Auvrea's voice was full of hurt, but she did not shout, she was still weak. She couldn't.

She looked at her limp arm, the wound on her wrist. "140 years, and still my blood is pure. Ha, shows what I really did with my life, '140 year old virgin.' " The hurt of the last sentence rang through her head, yet she did not care, once again her love had been misled, another person had left her.  She fought back the tears, a flame burnt inside her. A flame she had not felt for years. She would get her revenge one day, one day she felt was very soon. After all now she had something to fight for, but she couldn't help feeling forgotten.

She watched as the man in shades and Alex walked away from the bus. Seemingly ignoring her after all she had just been bitten, she laughed to herself. She was sat on the floor, blood still dripping from her arm and everyone had forgotten about her. Nothing hurt her so much!

The End

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