Subdued, for now.

The guy has lizard eyes. Basilisk in a human form... he stares into my own ruby eyes and I feel the strength I regained from the innocent blood sapped again and I sink to my knees. I whimper pitifully and the hunger pains rack my body again as I fall forward onto hands and knees, trying to keep what little I got in my stomach. I let myself fall over sideways, so that I'm lying in the foetal position. Lazard eyes steps towards me, his glasses still off, making sure I don’t recover. I glare up at him weakly as he stares down at me. His face is emotionless.

‘I’m sorry for provoking you so badly. I only meant to annoy you, not make you go nutso on us.’ I don’t reply. As limp as I am now, the moment I recover I will return to the state I was in moments ago. He seems to know this. He reaches down for my hand. Half heartedly, I let him pull me up and support my weight.

‘I’m Basilic. But never call me Bas. Ever.’ He says in quite a friendly tone, considering how he just beat me up and then rendered my body practically useless. I remain silent, not really knowing what to say. I'm glad he stopped me, but he shouldn’t have provoked me in the first place! I feel my face go red when I realise how badly I reacted.

‘Sorry. For reacting so badly to what you said. I had no idea how hungry I really was. How hungry I am,’ I correct myself. Basilic is walking me away from the bus. I don’t know where we are, or where we’re going, but we’re leaving the bus behind for now. I’m glad. The smell of human blood was spilling from the doors, making me more hungry the longer we stayed there. Right now I don’t care where we’re going, I just kinda wish he would stop looking me in the eye every now and then to make sure I stay weak.

The End

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