The Power Of Eyes

Basilic punched the vampire's nose. He felt it crack beneath his fist. Enraged by the attack on the innocent girl, he punched harder and faster, breaking bones and pounding flesh. Still, Alex came on, determined to get on the bus, to the innocent people within. And then, Basilic knew, it would be a massacre. Everyone dead in a bloody orgy of vampiric lust. 

Eventually, he knew he had no choice, that the only way to stop this was to take off his sunglasses. He grabbed Alex's arm and brought up his knee, smashing it into the vampire's chest, breaking several ribs. Alex recoiled. This brief respite gave Basilic time to whip off his glasses, and as Alex brought himself up again, looking even more furious than before, he looked up, growled like the beast he was turning into and then saw the eyes.

They were bright green, like no human eyes ever seen before. Bestial, lizard-like. They were slits, so akin to a lizard it was unbelievable. And filled with rage. They were staring straight into Alex's, sapping the power from in-human limbs. Fatal to a human, his eyes only sapped power from magical beings. He hated being in a human world surrounded by people he could kill with a single, accidental, glance. But, even he had to admit, at times like this, when his mental ribbing had been too obviously intense, it came in useful. He glared down at him, and the vampire was driven to his knees. Looking up at him hatefully, Alex growled pitifully. Basilic just held his gaze.

The End

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