Innocent blood

Human! She’s pushing on me, trying to break up the shouting match. It’s not really much of a fight, I'm not doing much good at the moment, and my blows are blocked by the guy. I’m too weak for this. But this human is trying to make me stop. And it’s only making the situation worse! The smell of her blood all stirred up and pulsing quickly with stress and fear is making my stomach rumble almost constantly. My eyes snap to hers and I see the terror. I grab her wrist and go to throw her out of my way so I can get at the new guy again, but the feel of her pulse under my fingers makes something within me snap. Instead of throwing her down, I knock her off balance and bring her arm up to my mouth.

The new guy sees this and lunges at me, just as my teeth break through her skin. She screams in pain, but I ignore it. My gaze flicks to the guy charging at me as I draw from her wound. Her blood tastes so good... pure, untainted and innocent. The best. A feral growl resonates in the back of my throat as the beast inside of me enjoys the blood the way a wine fanatic would enjoy a rare wine. The guy hits me over the back of the head, which only serves to irritate me. Even just a mouthful of this blood has been enough to strengthen me.

He continues to hit me, and enraged, I drop the girl to the floor, and turn around to face this guy. At first, I just edge him down the bus, towards the back, pushing him backwards, but I get tired of his punching. I begin to retaliate, teasing him as he teased me, starting weakly, lulling him into the sense that I'm as weak as before, but my strikes quickly increase in strength.

He ducks and flits behind me, grabbing the back of my hoodie. He drags me towards the front of the bus, past Gabby’s terrified face. Her expression momentarily makes me stop struggling, but the beast doesn’t let up on me. It’s relentless and desperate to finish off the girl. The writer kid is by her side the moment I'm yanked past him. I laugh as I'm pulled off the bus. Out in the cool evening air, my senses seem to sharpen, breathing in clean air for the first time in what seems forever.

I make a move for the bus again, but the guy stops me and lands a hard punch square in the middle of my face. I feel my nose crack and I almost throw up. Out here, he shows a new violence that he wouldn’t unleash on the bus.

To the beast inside of me, it’s game on.

The End

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