A VERY rude awakening.

Auvrea woke with a start. She heard screaming, she looked around only to notice that Alex was looking straight at a new guy, with foul words coming from his mouth. His eyes a glistening ruby red. She immediately stood up moving between them. She looked straight at Alex. Placing one hand on his stomach. "I'm not an angel anymore." She pushed back the urge to curse under her breath and tried with all her might to push Alex back.

Her gaze never once broke with Alex, a pleading in her eyes. She was battling with the Vampire's inner-beast. As a Human. She knew how stupid this was and prayed, silently that nothing would happen to anyone. She gladly sacrificed herself for them. She knew of only one way to calm that beast. But yet, her humanity kicked in. She was no angel, she would not live forever. She definatly did not want to be food for the animal, but still she felt she had made her move, any regrets now were futile.

The End

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