Basilic, bored and stiff after hours of sitting almost rigidly in his seat, got up to stretch his legs. He almost fell down when he first stood. Damned long periods of travel, he cursed to himself. He staggered down the aisle, working his legs back to their normal condition. It took about four lengths of the aisle, and he ended up next to the escort. He looked warily at the shotgun resting stock-down on the floor. He knew that it wouldn't cause him actual harm, but it would ache like hell for a few hours. Still bored, the physical exercise only having stimulated his legs, he worked his way back towards his seat. 

And then he noticed the vampire. Next to the seer. Smiling carefully to himself, he sat down in front of them, looking back through the gap between the seats. 

"Hi," he started with, his voice light and friendly. Distrustful as all the vampires he'd ever known, the eyes narrowed. Just then, Alex's stomach growled. "Hmmm, you seem hungry, friend. Want something to eat? I've got crisps, chocolate, a few sandwiches, and some biscuits. Or maybe you want something more... Exotic," he  suggested slyly, looking quickly to Gabby and back. Then he leaned closer to Alex through the gap and, in a hushed whisper, asked,

"Travelling with fresh food, are we?" and then he slipped out of the seat before walking joyously to his seat, leaving Alex looking horrified at the thought and furious with him. He loved winding people up. No matter the consequences.

The End

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